who are we?

The Corner was started to see women from all walks of life fully living out their passions, dreams and callings in the corner of the world that Father God has placed them in. We have been placed in our corners for this time, for this season, for this age. What an incredible privilege it is to be able to serve our King.

We are all unique, and what one can do someone else might not be able to. Every one of us has a set of skills, likes, designs, and blueprints that have been put in us. Why? For God’s glory. To see His Kingdom advance. To see His love invade hearts & lives. To see those who are in our corner experience what true love is.

So what is “The Corner,” you ask? It is an army of women who are standing together in our corners loving, serving, and pouring out our lives to those around us. It is an army of women who encourage one another in our own unique callings and identities, knowing we can’t do this alone.

How does it work?

We meet quarterly to be encouraged, to pray together, to pray for each other. We share testimonies, eat yummy food and have fun. Once a year we come together for our annual Corner Conference to worship, eat, laugh, pray, and experience our Father.

Why? Because we weren’t created to live this life alone. We were created to be in relationships and need one another to fulfill our God-given callings on this earth.

What can you do? Join us. We have quarterly corner “catch ups” as mentioned above that we’d love for you to attend. We are a part of a local church called 614Church. Our events are posted on Facebook, Instagram, and on our website at 614church.org. Come join us, and be encouraged in who God has made you to be and what He’s created you to do in the earth.

The next Corner Conference is Feb 8 & 9 2019
Margaret Stunt from Hillsong in Sydney Australia will be speaking